Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Patriots say: "Don't Buy Things! Pay More Taxes!"

Hard to believe where we've ended up. In World War II thrift was encouraged. Not buying products was patriotic. So was paying taxes. Taxes went to fight the War. Doubt it? Just look at the ad below. The woman in the picture is being told not to buy what she wants, and that it is cheaper to "pay as we go" - paid willingly, taxes would help all Americans in the future by ridding ourselves of the debt we took on to fight the Nazis and Japanese. Do you think you would make that sacrifice today? Would your friends? Would your neighbors? What kind of country are we now?


  1. Sadly, too many people don't realize how important it is to save. I think many of us will soon know, though.

    This is a great blog! Thanks for all your pointers. By the way, I loved the video, too.

    ~ Just Joany
    Red Wagon Flights

  2. Well said. Great posting! Have you read the book Thrift? It is really good, I think you would like it. Thanks for this post and your blog.

  3. I think even when people are willing, the the politicians discourage it now because it's "bad for business."

  4. Wonderful post and blog. When I see these old ads I wonder where our sense of teamwork went.