Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Save Those Crumbs

During the War That Changed the World Americans needed to save even stale bread. Today, when we're economizing to save money, it makes sense, too. Keep your bits of bread to make croutons. Dry them in the oven. It's easy.


  1. How wonderful to hear someone with the same thoughts I have. I was raised to be careful, not to waste, etc. My grandparents survived the Depression, my parents, although not AS frugal, still taught me strong values...I too ask myself the same question. How has our world become like it is now? How can we have gone so dramatically out of control? I feel as if we have given up on each other. I think that we have forgotten how to be neighbors, how to care about one another, how to reach out. Our world is set up so that we do not have to have any real contact with people any more. I fear we may be lost.

  2. The poster is super adorable,i like it!!