Saturday, March 28, 2009

Your Victory Garden: When do I Plant?

Spring's here. And if you want to save money a garden is a good place to start. During the War American families produced 40 percent of the nation's vegetables in their own backyards. We've posted tips on getting started. Here's a good guide from the American Gardening Association on when to plant your produce.


  1. I've looked at the different blogs you are creating. They all cover an interesting range of topics.

    The individual topic pages in this blog would all benefit from more detailed content. The stuff you've selected represent universal and pivotal issues that my parents' (and therefore, my) development. Hopefully you will get the time to go back through and annotate and enrich your copy...

  2. Thanks for posting. We hope our content will grow in depth - as time allows - and be a resource for others. If you have any advice you would like to share on gardening, please add your voice.